Verbal Confirmation: Assigning a Speech Label

I like to delineate. My favourite verb is to delineate. Once in a while, at the cemetery, I assist with burials. We have a ledger outlining in orderly fashion who rests where in the cemetery. Now, the ledger is kept in safekeeping and we referred to it only infrequently. It does delineate how those departed rest.

sept_25_cemtI delineate other aspects of my life as well. I like to delineate. In social media, people are delineated and it is remarkable that way. In particular, on Twitter there are lists of people’s accounts you can define and utilise. Now, personally, I admit I haven’t ever felt the need to write such a list for day-to-day interaction. I simply look at random intervals of time and glance over what people are tweeting. The different declarations of this and that is lively and that is how it is remarkable. When a great recommendation to go to an article is posted, it is good fun.

There is more in life that can be delineated, of course. It goes without saying that compartmentalizing tasks on an ongoing basis is very much delineation. You can change gears from one objective to another by delineating them. However you proceed, you can find yourself rapidly delineating your day so that things work in your favour.

I don’t play cards, but an instance where you can delineate is a hand of Solitaire. If you do play one of the varieties of Solitaire, you know you delineate a deck of cards into piles. The pleasure of the game, I imagine, is how chance itself can be delineated within the rules that bind the cards into a game. I like to delineate, but I simply don’t play because I am too interested in how chance changes without the limit of rules on a deck of card, if it possible to notice and observe such a thing.

Points of interest in a travel situation can also be delineated. When somewhere new or far from home, you can explore a little and many do by delineating a number of spots where you can go. With only a little time and energy, you can enjoy many sights and sounds having delineated what is now near to you. The idea of here and there, once delineated, becomes accomplished. To many people, that is a rewarding feeling, and you will have stories to tell back home.

For me, I would like to feel I am characterized by the verb to delineate. If I get the chance to look at advice, my favourite kind of advice is how to organize and make the most of your time. Ironically, I don’t place a lot of importance on spending time in full force or with efficacy and that kind of thing. I just like to think about it! I like to delineate. That is why I choose, as my favourite verb, to delineate.