Ay, my poor timepiece, you’ve stopped telling the hour

Not from the five and dime. To repair you’d have me scour

I would have consulted you, due to know when

You’ve stopped at five past eight. Tonight midnight won’t tower

You’ve left me no recourse. I will have something new

At least, I say to you, take me through the time of ten!

It’s frustrating if I stray at night and have become lost

I look at my belt; there’s nothing there. For you, too much cost

Seldom do I need to know, I’m at my best a guess

Even past the point of dark, when there’s no more a crow

I wander, hoping for the very best, no danger, at hand, unless

This would be the one late night when I could feel a blow

I hope very much that you haven’t left to this fate

I hope you don’t think it serves me right for treading out too late

I didn’t mean to offend so much, or trample on your hand

All around the landscapes stretch, an oh-so-familiar land

If only you had lasted a little longer, on this troubled date

If I knew what time it was, the night’s escapes so grand


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