the conversation these three women are having

small“The day I ate the wedding cake, we staged a revolt,” said Janis, laughing. The day was a scorcher, beating down on the little-populated sidewalk intricately adorned with stripes and oval shapes. Behind the three girls, the mountains rose above the skyline like the picture of doom. Down here away from the wild, life was certainly easier, but also surprising, though the girls were familiar with one another and were fond of one another.
“Poor Gregg,” retorted Helen, pleased by the strange joke. The girls were in sync together, but Tricia seemed stern.
“Poor Gregg!” continued Janis, giggling. “He fired the starter pistol!” Helen and Janis laughed together. However, Tricia didn’t join in their mirth.
“Oh, come on,” Janis said admonishingly to Tricia. “Whatever is the matter?”
Tricia looked down slightly, the sweat on her brow slightly glinting in the afternoon sun. “It is my folks,” she told Janis and Helen. “They called last night from the farm.” “Optimistically, I hope,” observed Janis. “It was good, wasn’t it?”
“Not altogether,” replied Tricia. “I have some things to do back there now.”
“What is that farm called?” asked Helen. “It had a funny name, didn’t? Frithercourt… Ripplehold…. What is it?”
“Snestercote,” answered Tricia. “The farm is named Snestercote.”
“That’s it,” declared Helen. “Whatever is the matter?”
“My parents are in financial straits,” Tricia hesitantly told her girlfriends. “When I heard from them this time, I promised I would be back there soon.”
“Too bad,” Janis uttered, a bit gushing. “You will miss so much this weekend!”
“It’s true,” agreed Helen. “We’ll have the time of our lives and you will miss the party!”
“All the same,” continued Janis, “I hope you manage. It’s hard when the bills must be paid.”
“They get paid,” replied Tricia. “I’m going as soon as I can. I need to talk to Doyle.”
“That idiot,” said Helen, sneering. “Will he give you the time off work?”
Tricia nodded, her long raven-coloured hair swinging behind her. “He never makes me come in when there’s a problem. There are enough people there that they can cover.”
“It will be just Janis leading the revolt when we hit the town,” joked Helen. “Leaving us!”
“Duty calls,” argued Tricia. “I only hope I can talk sense into my dad. He is stubborn about money.”
“Stubborn is Doyle keeping a promotion off your desk,” agreed Helen. “You’ve worked there so long and hard.”
“It isn’t easy moving up. Not everything in life comes easy,” philosophized Tricia, trying not to pout.
“You deserve it, though,” argued Helen.
“Well, maybe,” said Tricia. “It doesn’t matter right now. I have enough in my savings for my mom and dad with the problems they have. I’m sure they’ll take it. I’ll tell them that they can repay me. I’ll just convince my dad to accept, and my mom.”
“You’ll talk them into it,” put in Janis. Her Elven collar bounced on her shoulders. “You could talk a fish into buying running shoes. They’ll see reason.”
“Running shoes!” repeated Helen.
“One way or another, my mom and dad will keep Snestercote. I know in my heart that’s what they want.” Tricia noticed the sky for the briefest of moments. “Everything will be all right.”
“Don’t worry,” Helen reassured Tricia.

Today Was a Good Day

July 16, 2015 was memorable because we were operating a back ho.  When I first learned that blogging could very easily be included in the operation of a small business, I was keen to get started and to have some fun doing it.   My introduction to WordPress I taught myself by learning with two WordPress poetry tutorials some tips on creating poems and while I didn’t intend to stop with poetry, I thought I would include some of the poems I wrote for the WordPress courses here.

These are photos I took that day of Peter, the senior manager of Maple Lawn Cemetery in St. Catharines, working on the cemetery grounds with a rented back ho, including digging a six-foot deep burial plot we required getting down for a funeral.


The animals drink Thirst is quenched like airy breezes Who has provided?


To dismantle my pal was inclined Bold to bring down forever a bind Upon searching his soul Being sought by patrol Bliss of marriage and bounty his find


my impressions tailored to the past updating from one to the next a lost dude where no one walks If there was once a man inside this, only was he there briefly. In other circumstances, someone else might have been thinking for him, but in this case, he believed he was responsible for his own thoughts. They were of his own devising this man was put here only for this single purpose, of making these thoughts. He was not to tread away Only when the setup files were completed, would he be set up and ready to run.

Poetry, Day Four — Imperfect, Limerick

How many hours a lifetime is dark?At a point of vantage I park-the only light a star Shining down from afar In my virtual journal I mark