Generous Genies: On Helly Morrigan @dyingischeaper

As a great genie, out of the lamp, I would give my three wishes, upon reflection, to Hayley Morgan. She is the Hayley Morgan who is a skygazer and writer, the author of the mostly-completed novel-to-be concept “Heathens,” if I understand correctly, and also she is featured in The Telegraph and The London Paper. So, for the WordPress Daily Prompt for Christmas Day, I am writing today that I would give her my three wishes, because I trust her enough to speak her wishes wisely, and that it would be a bit of magic thrown with cheer and good will.

I suspect Hayley Morgan’s wishes would go something like this. “I wish for,” would say Hayley, “more than pennies for a social media development.”

“It is granted,” I would reply before I granted her wish, “you shall gain recogniztion for a social media development. What is your second wish?”.

“I wish,” murmers Hayley, “for a social media development something more 2016 than Twitter. Is there anything you can do?”

“I think so,” I would say reassuringly, preparing to grant the wish. “It shall be granted. What, dear Hayley, is your third wish?”

“Give me a fox, genie,” Hayley would pronounce sweetly. “My third wish is for a fox.”

In greater seriousness, I hope the development of Hayley’s novel is going well and that she is doing well as a blogger and with her other expertise, as a social media development expert. You can find her:

July 15, 2015
Photographer: Rodion Kutsaev

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