Fog, and For the Future



Cryptic sounds on the radio showed up the road as much as our lights

Descriptions of the future, or mystery put into words and music

Fog on the land, a shroud in my mind and in the detail of what was to come

Never would the spreading mist clear; it was a dark path to never


Scratchy noise in the music descending as though I needed to be humble

It seemed there was enough to go around, and shadows stayed at bay

It might have been as light shining down on me, and so much the merrier

The night ate my karma, never realized.  Don’t play music in the fog

DSCF8566 - Copy (2)

For the Future


To spite the spirit of the masses as I understood them

Over the shoulder was propped a pack with my book

Perhaps it will serve, no mere dumb thing’a rhythm

That I would trade for a mere gift of thy look

Whether quietly I might prefer to be

To another cold night lonely but free

If my rapt mind could so easy be shook

It might be best that my attention took

To when again I had returned home

The book shelved in its place, the pithier tome

With that volume resting, I know time will allow

That other version of me, that persona does take its bow

It is true the stage is dark

I will think again before I try this lark

The end of the day’s reflection

Never heard him but the once. Seldom there
His gravelly low voice uttering words that were rarely subtle
The number of times I could relate was rare
When I set to thinking on his claims it always seemed the hurtle
Tonight by the fire did I bring up his pictures
I sat them down alongside my chair and began to then remember
Distinguished he was, with oddly vexing features
Whatever he said, I admit, left me something I could infer
I never wanted much to do with the man with the message
I was there a bit and was gone, and took with me my book
It was what no matter where I went I put in the baggage
Maybe in younger years his sermons might have me shook
I didn’t like the man too much and I will soon put these away
If you know the man, don’t tell him. Tomorrow’s another day


This week’s WordPress photo challenge is to illustrate a landscape.  Each week the WordPress blogging website suggests a photo challenge event with a specific theme for the week’s photograph.  I like to play with blogging and a little with photography so I took a look around and made one.  I wasn’t sure that would be enough to interest you so I wrote a poem as well, hoping to add a little mystique to the decision to blog on such a classic idea like the landscape in art.  I never know if anyone will notice my post, but the odd time someone sees it, and I hope it brings a moment of pleasure for the sake of the time spent looking within it.  You’re welcome to click “like” and/or “follow” (or to write a comment).