Thinking about Earth, in a photograph, I saw the bank of a creek, and realized it was a little like how Earth serves in its glory as a point of origin for life. I snapped a quick photo because this week’s WordPress photo challenge is to symbolize Earth with a photo, and I felt I was on the right track to achieving this.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” -Charles Darwin

Earth resounds with life and it stems from the origins of time, as with shells awash on a beach, water gurgling through valleys, or flowers bursting from the soil. Looking at it from a point where running water meets sand, it is a little reflective of life on Earth and its big picture. We have cities and nations that run on resources like oil and transportation and computer technology. These would be nothing if not for the ingredients which comprise life, the basics from which the world springs. There is never anything which the Earth does not contain in its grassy plains and rolling hillsides. In the deserts and in the oceans, in the tundras and in the mountains, life is full of complexity. That being said, in the smallest of places you can find the elegance of simplicity, which is what I hoped to show with my photograph of running water reaching rocks.

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