This curve brings you in and lets you go. It is off the freeway, and you can get exactly what you need when you choose this curve. This is the curve I am showing you in today’s blog post.

A curve can do many things. It connects two points, with what’s between them circumvented and avoided. It invites a moment of repose, and this is quite literally illustrated by the idea of curving off the freeway, to find a sanctuary and a respite from a long drive.

There many places around the world where an inviting curve can give you the opportunity to gather what you need. This is a most ordinary curve, but the traffic lasts all day and into the night. It is ordinary because little of note may happen here, but, all the same, it is the kind of curve that invites visitors and also sends people on their way, when they no longer can tarry.

I am sure there are many times when people wish such a curve was near. It is an opportunity to find rest and supplies and to prepare for the remainder of a journey. It may not be an exciting curve here, but it is invaluable for people passing by, and who are making this their stopover where they hold. What goes on may be mundane, but people couldn’t go without. I am sure from time to time it is a lifesaver.

What a curve it is, then, that permits so many freedoms and such change. Each day it is frequently visited, and each day it is left behind many times over. The excitement of the journey requires the pace of time well planned. Those who find the curve inviting are welcome to it, night or day. It is a fine curve away from the freeway, for casual visitors and for those are making an enduring drive.