To Be Passionate is Not to Be Dismissed


In other civilizations the artists were passionate, and to this day the best minds take in works from the past, what was decided long ago in times of yesteryear.

It is not so much like that now.

Everybody is posting their content all the time, it would seem. This isn’t that big an exaggeration, and you know what I’m talking about if you spend even a cursory amount of time on the Internet. The greatest earmark of passionate works has long been discovered by curious onlookers; now, everybody and his brother is putting something up on the Internet about what it is in his life that is suitable for casual discussion and discourse.

The best and the most passionate shouldn’t play second fiddle.

That being said, it is true that passion need not enter the discussion at all; casual passion–what passes for passion–is ignited daily, and what would seem mundane to scholars is divided on public forums as though it carried burning weight and gravity. This is regrettable, but necessary for civilization as we understand it in the West to pass into the future, a time when people’s outpouring of brazen and unschooled content will become increasingly normalized and heralded all the more as truth.

There is little to be done about this.

It would seem that we are fated to see future generations all the more empowered to join the throng and spit their commentary on formerly little seen aspects of human life as it is now and all the greater committed to the Internet. It is not so much earmarked passion as it is the digital human narrative, committed to the public eye and replicated in many places.

About passion I dare not breathe a word.

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Passion is Fragile


What can be very fragile in life is enthusiasm. Waking up in the morning with energy for the day, the urge to be productive, the capacity to take an interest in the world–all of these ideas can be very fragile and it is necessary to cultivate your growth by having pursuits in your life which give you energy. It is semi-tragic when the light goes out, if all of a sudden what was captivating for you is lost, and nothing is left in the way of passion for life. Many people think about what it takes to feel optimistic about the world, and it is of great importance to make decisions that help you feel eager to be challenged and that help you grow as a person.

Closing a door on what gives you enthusiasm is never a good idea. Life is often characterized as being very short, indeed, but it is clear to me, given my forty years, that people who feel the muse are much more often rewarded than people who are left with their passions broken and discarded. Regrettably, there are frequently setbacks in one’s life that leave you unable to continue down one path, but with any luck, there will emerge an alternative path which offers just as many rewards and just as many blessings as the path you have abandoned. It is vital that you cling to life as though everything about you which makes you “you” keeps blossoming as though nothing can replace it, because this is the case. Your enthusiasm for the day is everything in life.

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Narrowing My Blog’s Focus

I am again curating this post which I wrote September 14, 2016, and, very nearly two years later, September 2, 2018, brought it up to date.  There’s something odd about it.

My content creation tool for Facebook and Twitter all of a sudden gave me a complete overhaul this morning.  I was surprised.  It required me to get honest with myself about content I’m interested in sharing on social media and it gave me a few abilities I didn’t have previously.

I curate content for Facebook because my dad and I operate a little out-of-the-way cemetery together for which we make ourselves available to sixty-five or seventy people at the moment with Facebook

In addition, life wouldn’t feel right without curating a few tweets

The content curation service I use is requiring me to “brand” myself, in a manner speaking, across both Facebook and Twitter.

I returned to my blog after a couple of months and I thought that I would look up the WordPress Daily Prompt for the fourteenth of September, 2016, and go from there.


One of the keys to blogging successfully is to publish blog posts which are useful for your readers, with some focus that will help define it as an “entity” and possibly connect with readers.

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This was similar to a relaunch of my blog with WordPress.  Lately this blog has been extremely quiet, which is why I’m trying longer-form content that might earn better SEO.  There are no more WordPress Daily Prompts–bloggers who enjoyed enjoy were left on their own this year.  All’s well that ends well.