Narrowing My Blog’s Focus

I am returning to my blog after a couple of months and I thought that I would resume by looking up the WordPress Daily Prompt for today and going from there. I am getting older but I continue to enjoy blogging and I thought I would present this post as part of the Daily Prompt from WordPress.


I have wished that I had a list of e-mail subscribers but I have never attempted to get this off the ground. A list of e-mail subscribers is useful as it entails bringing your personal brand to readers with an e-mail newsletter or something of that kind. I wish I could get my efforts as a writer off the ground that way, as I do a tiny bit of content writer for a company in India which employs me, but the work is very meager.

However, I am interested in continuing to write short stories with the end of developing my style as a writer. I am taking this on as a hobby and I am weighing my choices in terms of style as a writer and how to best proceed from here.

One of the keys to blogging successfully is to publish blog posts which are useful for your readers. I am a little uncertain as to how best to reach readers with blog posts which are interesting and helpful for them. I have a good start already with this blog but I need to come back to it with some focus that will help me define my blog as an “entity” and possibly connect with readers who discover my blog.

I want to go from here and I hope I can remain motivated to keep my blog updated. By seeking inclusion in the WordPress Daily Prompts, I think there may be the occasional like-minded reader (and fellow blogger) who may take an interest in what I am doing and whose feedback for me, if it happens, may be enlightening for me and keep me going in the right direction.

If you can relate to what I am saying here, feel free to “like” this post and to “follow” me or to possibly leave a comment for me. I appreciate you taking a moment to read this and I hope that your own efforts, whatever they are, are successful and that they bring you happiness. Thank you once more for reading.


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