Passion is Fragile


What can be very fragile in life is enthusiasm. Waking up in the morning with energy for the day, the urge to be productive, the capacity to take an interest in the world–all of these ideas can be very fragile and it is necessary to cultivate your growth by having pursuits in your life which give you energy. It is semi-tragic when the light goes out, if all of a sudden what was captivating for you is lost, and nothing is left in the way of passion for life. Many people think about what it takes to feel optimistic about the world, and it is of great importance to make decisions that help you feel eager to be challenged and that help you grow as a person.

Closing a door on what gives you enthusiasm is never a good idea. Life is often characterized as being very short, indeed, but it is clear to me, given my forty years, that people who feel the muse are much more often rewarded than people who are left with their passions broken and discarded. Regrettably, there are frequently setbacks in one’s life that leave you unable to continue down one path, but with any luck, there will emerge an alternative path which offers just as many rewards and just as many blessings as the path you have abandoned. It is vital that you cling to life as though everything about you which makes you “you” keeps blossoming as though nothing can replace it, because this is the case. Your enthusiasm for the day is everything in life.

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