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It is Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

I am returning to Numbers, which is a Discover Challenge by Cheri Lucas Rowlands.  A Discover Challenge is a times-ago challenge by WordPress intended to help bloggers.  One suggestion from the Numbers challenge is to list favourite blog posts.

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Photo Challenge Entry, Ambience at Our Quiet Church

Although for years a WordPress highlight was its weekly photo challenges, by now they are just memories.  This photo challenge was to show your hand at ambience. 

The Heritage of Louth United Church in St. Catharines and Maple Lawn Cemetery

The work I do is helping with a little cemetery.

On the corner in the place I inhabit

The corner is like that point on the avenue where it seems like a ride is just within reach.

Storytelling with Childhood Comic Books

Stan Lee died this week.  He will be missed.

The Fighting Irish

I am kidding about being one of The Fighting Irish, but our family does go back to Ireland.

About Gifts That Created Joy

Gifts come in different forms.

April 18 Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific

One of the WordPress photo challenges was to illustrate the concept of being prolific.

May 9 Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World

Thisphoto challenge was to bring to light one’s place in the world.

May 23 Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

Another photo challenge was to show twisted.

May 30 Weekly Photo Challenge: All-Time Favorites

When the challenges wrapped up, photographers were asked to share their all-time favourite pictures.

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