It’s the Beginning of the New and the Time is Noted

Sacrifice is inevitable, and, really, loss is the essence of tragedy.  That’s why tears are shed, whether sacrifice is deliberate or not, and, in the end, when all is said and done, what was most dear to us is gone and never again to be had.  Have perspective.  Whatever we lose, no matter how hard we fought to earn it or how long we sweated to realize what we held close, the day comes when it goes and it is, I assert here with every intention to help you find your bearings, that it will disappear, and you may not even have a chance to say goodbye.
Maybe we’re never ready.  What do we hold precious?  Whatever seems to us to be the best, what we positively cherish if we are among the lucky, people, animals, places, property… it all goes.  It can be gone in the wink of an eye.  What’s more, it will most likely be that we will never have known it at all, except in our memories.  There is no way around fate, I suspect.  We have opportunities to wield our hand and to stake claim to everything we felt we wanted, but if your guard slips but once and misfortune strikes, all of it can be taken away, and even if we do everything in our power to keep safe what we love, I think you must know that it will go, that nothing is forever.  You don’t have but once, I feel, and it doesn’t matter what else is taught you.
I want to tell you this with the best intentions.  You have but what amounts to today, and you have to strike, to hold, and to keep fast, and to love, because you can never can count on what’s ahead.  It doesn’t matter what controls you set for the future.  You will see this time go, and it will never return.  I thought I’d tell you, but it doesn’t matter if you heed.  The most I can do, I feel, is to let you know.
Today’s WordPress prompt is the word, “gone.”  If you sympathize with how I feel, if you “like” this blog post, let me know with the “like” button or by “following” and/or subscribing.  I didn’t want to be the one to tell you, but if you’re the same as me, you’re already here.

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