On the corner in the place I inhabit

When you’re growing up in a small town
You say no one famous ever came from here
small town, Songs for Drella, Lou Reed & John Cale

Today’s WordPress daily prompt is the word inhabit and this week’s photo challenge is an essay on the corner. I wanted to say something on my blog before too much time had passed so I looked to see what the daily prompt was saying today and I went out and took a couple of photos to participate in the weekly photography challenge again. I am beginning to understand that for my blog to have the faintest chance of being readable I have to dispense with the grade school rules of writing and begin to think more about how a blogger need think and how a blogger need write, and I’ve been on WordPress five years now and I know it doesn’t really amount to much.

Corner theme
Friday, August 25

It doesn’t mean I’m frustrated or full of self-doubt or anything like that. I’ve become convinced that there are new rules for writing on the Internet, and what need be done in the fashion of blogging, you can see plain as day from the words in front of you how a style of blogging best resemble. Similar to how it is now.

angles and intersections
Friday, August 25

What should be said? Perhaps as little as possible. Perhaps a little more, though, because why shouldn’t your life include a blog?

It’s near-essential. I don’t like much about the place I inhabit, I admit, but I grew up in this and I remain, despite the diminishing odds for success and the relative poverty and narrowness of opportunity I shoulder. I have family here and other supports and resources and it is a comfortable life, just not a daring one (you can find the website for our family-operated not-for-profit here).

Does it depress you thinking of something like what it is to be from somewhere that is mostly unknown? Don’t let it. For every withered self-help tome that exhorts the benefits of change and proffers a philosophy of optimism, don’t overlook the relative advantages of leading a comfortable life.

You should work hard and you should be kind, but never let the gloom in the streets extinguish the fire of passion you feel or clamp down on your enthusiasm or ruin your day in the least. Everything is as it should be, I whisper.

The times are exciting and even with only relatively scarce resources you can try this, and you can chase your dreams if they’re gathered in your arms or you can at least make out that you are having a good time. Living well is the best revenge, it’s said, and I would encourage you, if I really knew you, to put that into practice and to have a bit of fun what with everything you’re required to do and what you think you can do, to make your life better for yourself, and to experience a comparable level of satisfaction with your living in light of what you profoundly wish and desire.

That being said, I thank you, for reading this and for taking an interest of any kind in WordPress. If you relate to what I’ve said here, feel free to “like,” comment, and/or follow if it suits you. Good luck!

Jenna Marbles for President

9 thoughts on “On the corner in the place I inhabit

  1. Great post dear 😊😊 i think the photos are great. It’s always interesting seeing the different photo’s people take and their perspective on things. I grew up in one small city in New Zealand and have now been living in Sydney, Australia for the past 4 years. Small towns tend to have less but are more tight knit in the community. I think having a blog is really good as it’s a nice way to communicate with others, learn from each other and get inspired to try new things. I also believe there is room in this world for us all to have a say and express our passions. It’s nice to have a blog because you never know how much your posts can help someone. Some people like commenting on posts, where many people just love to read only. I think your blog is great and you are doing a good job. Keep up the great work x x

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    1. While I should think it would be a clever challenge that you are starting to appear regularly on YouTube, I did feel my blog posts lately were turning out stronger, thank you. I will try to take interesting photos as they often find a home in my blog. What I think is that you have a helpful blog, for people who need sort of “extra” cool because they are newer, and it surely would be an advantage living somewhere magnificent such as Sydney. Bless the Lord. That you are inclusive has always been in my consciousness, because I saw you were blogging ages ago (longer than I care to admit–and neither should you! tongue wagging). I always think you might be impressed again if you look at my posts. I need to learn whether we should actively comment on blog posts, or if we should be selling our potential to be reblogged. It is hard to think how to write a professional blog, but there are real resources available to help x

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      1. Your welcome dear 😊😊 Yes, YouTube is really good but I still prefer blogging as I enjoy writing and interacting here on WordPress. That’s good, I like looking at photo’s, especially of scenery. Yes, I love to help people and Sydney does have a lot of interesting sights to see (I will start to vlog places in Sydney as it will be fun to record).

        Yes, I think its good to interact as much as you can with other bloggers and comment on each others posts. I find when I comment on others posts that it’s nice to encourage others, learn different things and feel more motivated.

        You can always learn something new from interacting with others. Yes, it is hard to think how to write a professional blog. I think it is best to make a blog encouraging for viewers and unique to ones self. It’s more interesting when the posts and layout of the blog show the personality of the writer. Keep going with your posts, you are doing great x x

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        1. Absolutely a bold and inspired comment, thank you. I am impressed with how your blogging is just new. Will you plan changes to the appearance of your blog? I try to read the weekly WordPress photo challenge to launch blog posts which show relevant photos. I imagine life in Sydney is totally splendid.

          I have seen the advice on the WordPress site to build momentum by commenting on blog posts written by others. A social media firm did one day present me with the opinion that blog comments are losing popularity as a technique for interacting on the Internet. I was dismayed but I did not know which opinion was closer to what is happening on WordPress and by amateur bloggers, many of whom are talented.

          I want to continue to research ideas to keep WordPress interesting for me and for visitors. Your advice helped me reflect a little more clearly what is best to do. I enjoy articulating myself with my blog. I shall continue to blog with relative frequency, remembering the kind word you have for me today. Thank you kindly.

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          1. Your welcome 😊😊 Thank you. I like the simple template I use for my blog but I most likely will change it sometime (just want the new template to not mix my posts around too much since I have many categories). As for the style of my posts they may change when I show more of my main style of art which is pop surrealism (I’m thinking of adding a art portfolio). It all takes time, so hopefully I can do this at the end of this month. That’s a good idea making posts relevant to the WordPress photo challenge.

            Yes, I think it helps commenting on other blog posts because even their readers may come across your comment, then may want to check out your blog. But mainly it’s nice to interact with other bloggers and learn new things. That’s interesting that a social media firm said that, it could be true but I still think it’s good to comment even a little bit on some blogs.

            That’s really good. Yes it’s important to keep researching different idea’s. I came across a post where a blogger wrote each day what they were thankful for, for a month and then shared it as a post on their blog and I said to them that I will do it this month (which I am currently doing) and that I will link their blog in the post when I release it next month. I wouldn’t have got that idea had I not seen their post. I think it is not only a good post but also good for my wellbeing to remember each day what I am thankful for x x


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