A Funeral with an Ominous Sky

When I was studying art history in college, one of the more difficult areas for me was architecture.  Identifying architecture was a challenge for me.


To ring in the New Year, I’ve done a free ten-day photography course with WordPress called “Developing Your Eye.”  I am a junior operations manager at a cemetery where I provide some assistance with funerals occasionally.  Evaluating how best to address architecture with a single monochrome photograph I settled on taking a photo of the exterior of a local church where a funeral service was being performed.


An ominous sky helps set the mood for the photo.


Outside a church where a funeral service is going on

I don’t want to say a lot about the symbolism of how the monochrome sky appears in the photo.  That being said, compared to the church itself the sky is the real architecture, the architecture of God at the end of the lifetime of a human being remembered and bid farewell.


This course Developing Your Eye has been the first learning I’ve done in photography, even though I’ve been taking photographs five years, and the first study I’ve undertaken in a couple of years.  I was in college years ago and I just scraped by–I wasn’t brilliant.  However, that doesn’t stop me wanting to write my own blog.


Life without a blog is like complete illiteracy.


I don’t feel very scholarly nor a luminary, but I am grateful for what outreach I’ve had on this blog.  Sometimes it’s been flattering.


As well, I’ve been able to impress a few family members with what I’ve undertaken with this blog.  Please rest assured that I would thank you for seeing my blog and reading pages from it.  I wish you well and let’s continue to have a great 2018.

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