Do you trust your intuition? Why or why not?

I have been going strong, for a little while, with prompts written by Robert Duff, Ph.D., a psychoanalyst, self-help writer, and podcaster who uses the handle @duffthepsych

I do trust my intuition. In a rather non-scientific sense, we are creatures that have evolved through an epoch of time, and the circumstances we live in cannot be totally random.

How could life as we have it be the result of chance? That it came about without some kind of order is just too strange.

It reminds me of the popular Marvel comic book character Spider-man’s spider-sense. You may know that what often informs Spider-man that he needs to act is a kind of awareness that reaches him when danger is upon him.

The odd instincts that occasionally perplex me, my intuition, must have some sort of a basis in programming from past experiences, ever calculating, given the eons of humanity I have to draw from and that have little interest in social mores, right or wrong, or even intellectual information. However well I am educated, even if I followed it to the letter in the year 2023, I think my intuition would hightail it around all of that if I were pressed badly enough.

The life in me, I think, becomes hungry for additional—we have heard how, for example, the reward system of scrolling through social media is addictive. The physiology I have wants more.

Given reasonable regard for others, I don’t see why I shouldn’t trust my intuition. The intuition may not be as refined as it could be, it has been co-opted by several influences that critics might claim are not in my interest, but at the end of the day, it has been with me all along. You can be sure it will fly.

I doubt it can be overcome completely.


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