I’m optimistic that I’ll find bloggers to read who have intersecting interests with mine. Posts on WordPress.com that I am lucky enough to find myself availing of, I want to respond with additional reading, and more numbers mean better SEO.

I tend to write philosophical pieces which may lend themselves to inspiration for you if you are writing with a creative flair. I also am the employee of my father Peter, who together with me as his junior operate a small cemetery, here in the city. I occasionally tie blog posts to the work I do for him.

I have been publishing posts for the last three or four years, and I began with a couple of poetry-writing courses organized by WordPress, and then began to draw inspiration from prompts WordPress was organizing. Eventually, I felt I had the confidence to start writing further away in the spectrum from where I started.

I snap some of my own photos, and I also try to give credit where credit is due. In the past, related work experience has included trying my hand at writing for a content mill which paid me a little for “technical writing.” It wasn’t in line with what I wanted to do.

I’m available on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. Follow me at https://twitter.com/findingenvirons

For an example of my work, see Mermaid’s November 2018 WordPress Tea Party at https://findingenvirons1.blog/2018/…/mermaids-november-2018-wordpress-tea-party/

For that, I got a shout-out you can read at www.writersideoflife.com/the-sunshine-blogger-award/

If you continue to feel I would enjoy seeing your own blog, follow me on WordPress by selecting “Follow” on any of my individual blog posts.


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