Hallo and greeting from my blog findingenvirons, a blog that presents notes I’ve reasoned and that takes notice of others on WordPress who pop off the sagacious.

My name is Patrick, and I’ve been helping direct the operations of a cemetery for over 7 years. I began my position with Maple Lawn Properties in 2011. My father fell in love with our cemetery after retiring from his job as a cemetery foreman for the Canadian municipality where we live. A few years in I was fortunate enough to read by chance writer Jeff Goins’ books about making writing his career and I felt interested enough to try my hand at my own blog. After a few false starts, I started to make a routine of posting to my blog a few times each month. While I do enjoy meandering along different avenues of exploration, I often return to a central idea of presenting what I do in the family business.

On WordPress, and on Twitter, I keep exploring aspects of the world that I think are significant. As I find followers I try to remain ambitious about what I can say and do as part of my interest in the community they represent. When I am entertained by the content of my favourite people, I find a flow that is unmatched in my life by anything else I am doing. How the most delicious content impacts me I look for ways to extrapolate and explain my loyalty to.

In my free time, I enjoy leisurely walks, getting info that helps round out the big picture for me, snapping pictures, prayer, watching movies, and finding my inner focus. Framing thirsty.

I’m available on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. Follow me at https://twitter.com/findingenvirons

I got a shout-out you can read at www.writersideoflife.com/the-sunshine-blogger-award/





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