Happy to see this week’s Photo Challenge

While participating in the WordPress poetry challenges, I thought to write a sonnet.

Look here:

__________________ whispering

__________________ mistake

__________________ branches

__________________ lake.

__________________ remember


__________________ silvery

__________________ remains

This is an exercise for a narrative poem, a sonnet, which while often a child’s exercise does herald fare with the sophistication of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, also available on the webpage I am suggesting:  http://www.creative-writing-now.com/poem-types.html

I provided a photo to add a degree of originality to my effort writing the sonnet, and today, thinking about the WordPress photo challenge this week, I recreated that same photo.


See findingenvirons1.wordpress.com/2015/10/16/neighborhood-ballad for the original photo along with a brief sonnet.

Writing 201: Poetry, Day Seven — Neighborhood, Ballad

Choices need be made quickly, ingeniously
The decision is the time to make haste
Months waning, the days are running
Not to see a little out there, a waste

People, in a word, are savvy, with know-how
Quickly from shade, they fade into the hour
The outdoors rears fearsome and beastly
On my own again, by my own power

I won’t be long this moment, not this play day
I can compare where I was to how I am
The claw draw of my homestead awaits me
Out there I was sensible, but I confess now… my jamDSCF8462

Fortdoom and the Haunted Keep

Fortdoom and the Haunted Keep

expert-set-karameikos-6-1983 (1)

As in Tolkien’s world, the elves of fabled townships Threshold and Kelven
Guard mighty Specularum from the sprawl of The Lost Valley
To the west the people are protected
Never speaking lightly of the mystery of the Haunted Keep
Where I would not tread or lead to its heights
Fortdoom is foreboding, whose power is unlike any known here

Skin Prose Poetry

Her friendship was like a needle… dancing in her eyes, a fantasy, outward she has spies, suspicious.

Telling lies she did with those saucer cups, the color sea green, as in the tide I woke, spent again and with only driftwood my companion:  some men would have cried, more delighted, tantalized by the curls of her hair, the girl’s light brown skin as expansive as the beach, briefly within reach and then gone, as if forever.  Her friendship was as real as the sunlight on the sand, and then you were banned…26D3EQZ6VU

Christmas Chocolate/A Gift


Care that the wrapping has been sealed
Holy day with all good tidings
Ritual year after year beneath a tree
In amid the comfort of Yuletide trappings
Santa once again was here
Tongue on the sweetness, happiness forming
May not last long, but for a time
Annual holiday is marked with treasure
So many days until the next

Could have been the last bite, but not for certain
Handled by spotted digits
Oh, that this could come again tomorrow
Can I have another?
Only a little and never enough
Little by little the sweet is ate
All the same, it was a lovely moment
The gift now is gone
Eaten by the receiver, on a happy day


Ay, my poor timepiece, you’ve stopped telling the hour

Not from the five and dime. To repair you’d have me scour

I would have consulted you, due to know when

You’ve stopped at five past eight. Tonight midnight won’t tower

You’ve left me no recourse. I will have something new

At least, I say to you, take me through the time of ten!

It’s frustrating if I stray at night and have become lost

I look at my belt; there’s nothing there. For you, too much cost

Seldom do I need to know, I’m at my best a guess

Even past the point of dark, when there’s no more a crow

I wander, hoping for the very best, no danger, at hand, unless

This would be the one late night when I could feel a blow

I hope very much that you haven’t left to this fate

I hope you don’t think it serves me right for treading out too late

I didn’t mean to offend so much, or trample on your hand

All around the landscapes stretch, an oh-so-familiar land

If only you had lasted a little longer, on this troubled date

If I knew what time it was, the night’s escapes so grand



I grip a hammer, spilling old nails and the boards lay aside for when it has been swung. I help haul strange debris to the corners, searching for what’s underneath and not in ready shape any longer. Once in a while, I power my camera and snap photos of the action, the light on the view indicating auto. It isn’t hard to keep up. At times all I am doing is undoing, fixing a mess, or sweeping a surface or elevating shapes of wood with blocks that hold together. My fingers are gloved, for the season is winter, and they do not much feel the cold, although outside the low temperature is striking. I am lucky the work isn’t too hard. It is understood in my hands, and while my mind sometimes wanders, ultimately what I do is good for the soul.



Harvey’s mind was automatic

The book in his hands quaint

As historian he did read

Old past landscapes’ restraint

His wife came to the shadow room

To disturb him, amiss

His wife asked, “Can you take this call?”

Harvey swift gave a hiss

A moment on the telephone

“Not now!” Harvey insists

A moment to hear Harvey sneer

This request resists

“There are ways,” he spoke, when alone

“We proceed with great care.

“Never do we assist their tasks

“To call here a poor dare”

“I alone am responsible

“I am reading the annals

“For the historian is I

“There are the right channels”

“Guidelines instruct and then inform

“No one shall have their say

“Guidelines instruct and then inform

“There is no other way”

“I shall read what’s old and to learn

“Mustn’t be put to test

“I shall read mistakes in the lore

“Champions, too, I rest”

compass rose

My Best Event

animals #WorldAnimalDay

Dimensions: 3456 x 4320
Photographer: Thijs van der Weide

rodent’s burrow there beneath, walnuts.
i would eat, nothing fit for one such as i
but i wonder
where it has gone
blizzard’s escape, but too
safety the critter returned, its store
until today, when we open its retreat to the air
above, that both we and it
breathe.  it will have to live elsewhere, i think, cold or


Updated October 4: World Animal Day