The Ornate and the Slumbering


Working at a real-world cemetery requires a significant amount of attention to detail, as much as in other professions. Between my father and myself, the two of us carry out such an operation on a weekly basis, and adjust our actions to the time of year, but never failing to work at what we do.

It is a small cemetery.

It is a tiny property with many graves within its boundaries and also there is a dilapidated church on the road signifying it is there. In summer, we tend to the grass growing there. In winter, we work at restoring the church (Louth United, it is named). We have work year round.

People want care provided for their departed.

Families of the deceased buried in our cemetery respond positively to the job we do, if we are dedicated in carrying out maintenance at the church and cemetery where we work. We run this as a volunteer operation. It isn’t very rewarding, financially, but it is a forward-thinking operation as we combine hands-on work at the cemetery with a small Internet presence.

Ultimately, overall maintenance for the cemetery is in our hands.

We are the ones accountable to the people who trust us, and we carry out what we need to do with due diligence. It isn’t hard to do it well, and fortunately between my father and I, we have enough expertise to lend some flow to operations at the cemetery which we maintain. It is such a nice property that we are glad to care for it.

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HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE – Youthful Frights vs Adult Fears

The House with a Clock in its Walls had me quite scared because I knew that its evildoers were so terrible. writes that Lewis,“Lewis’ guilt at casting a magic spell” is one way

the book is satisfying, I was scared that he wouldn’t be all right! A few words from the book,

recorded a few years after the author’s death, are read at:  The House with a Clock in its Walls



Christmas Chocolate/A Gift


Care that the wrapping has been sealed
Holy day with all good tidings
Ritual year after year beneath a tree
In amid the comfort of Yuletide trappings
Santa once again was here
Tongue on the sweetness, happiness forming
May not last long, but for a time
Annual holiday is marked with treasure
So many days until the next

Could have been the last bite, but not for certain
Handled by spotted digits
Oh, that this could come again tomorrow
Can I have another?
Only a little and never enough
Little by little the sweet is ate
All the same, it was a lovely moment
The gift now is gone
Eaten by the receiver, on a happy day