Harvey’s mind was automatic

The book in his hands quaint

As historian he did read

Old past landscapes’ restraint

His wife came to the shadow room

To disturb him, amiss

His wife asked, “Can you take this call?”

Harvey swift gave a hiss

A moment on the telephone

“Not now!” Harvey insists

A moment to hear Harvey sneer

This request resists

“There are ways,” he spoke, when alone

“We proceed with great care.

“Never do we assist their tasks

“To call here a poor dare”

“I alone am responsible

“I am reading the annals

“For the historian is I

“There are the right channels”

“Guidelines instruct and then inform

“No one shall have their say

“Guidelines instruct and then inform

“There is no other way”

“I shall read what’s old and to learn

“Mustn’t be put to test

“I shall read mistakes in the lore

“Champions, too, I rest”

compass rose

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