Striking the Balance Between Taking Risks and Being Realistic #bloganuary

Being brave isn’t about taking risks for the sake of it. It’s not always about making bold choices and venturing into uncharted territory. To me, being brave means finding a balance between embracing new opportunities and staying realistic about what can be achieved within the parameters of time, money, and resources you have available to you. That way, you take whatever steps forward that are accessible to you while resisting the pursuit of an unrealistic vision just for its own sake – instead working your hardest on what’s a great day to blog, and the Bloganuary prompt is: How are you brave?

In your life, you have to take risks.

I once saw Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube giving advice to a young actor who was a waiter living in LA. He said to the actor that the young man needed an agent. In spite of all the auditions he could give, he expected to emerge as the next big thing without an agent?

Despite being an optimist, Vaynerchuk advises people not to take too many risks. I feel that I am brave in that the substantial risks I do take, I am willing to make efforts to be free. I said this because a measure of importance to me was to have my own time in life.

I said this to my French teacher in high school, Monsieur Lalonde, in front of the class. Monsieur Lalonde responded by stating that he was disappointed.

He said that being active throughout life was much better. By the way, he was the ice hockey coach in the school.

I didn’t find Monsieur Lalonde realistic. I don’t think an answer to wanting to be brave is to start out doing what you love and worry about money later.

Living a life without trying to be nine to five might be sad in the opinion of someone like Monsieur Lalonde. I’ve quit several jobs. In 2001, when the time when was of the essence, that springtime I quit a job that I needed.

In retrospect, quitting that job was a big mistake and I regret it. Live and learn. However, I still believe that I only did what I thought I had to do in 2001.

Luckily, these days, while not the right fit, I am content working for a business I operate with my dad. This is to help maintain the quaint cemetery we care for. That is the measure of credibility I have.

What could you do less of?

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Lamenting that Jack Dorsey admonishes himself for taking his role in starting Twitter

Dorsey regrets his own success, he apparently sometimes claims. When he saw a site suited primarily for discussing weather conditions around the world and bird activity in the sky, when ultimately people would be concerned about hate speech emerging on Twitter, Dorsey believed he was a fool to resort to such lengths to make Twitter real.

Twitter permits users to post tweets with 280 characters. The initial cap was 140; however, it was raised to 280 in November 2017. Twitter referred to itself as a platform for concise thoughts, despite user requests to increase the character limit. October 30, 2022

I was dismayed that the shape of a tweet was changing. For years, it had been perfect. My voice isn’t my own at forty-five years old in December 2022, because I don’t feel like I have one.

That wonderful decade included the purchase of a Commodore 64; ours did not. Where my mom and dad skipped a step is, at the time I was in high school, my brother in junior high, and my sister in elementary. They outfitted the basement of our bungalow with a Commodore Amiga 500, quite spectacular for its day.

This taught me about computer art, musical composition, and a beginner’s handle on programming in computer language. During parent-teacher interviews, my mother told me that my grade 10 computer science teacher said I could probably make a living as a computer programmer. That would have made me happy, I think.

To tell the truth, it was things like pop art, like seeing pop art as a little boy and in college seeing Warhol’s works in London, England, and having an experience of happiness that was apparent, even loud as day.

I can tell that Twitter is the closest thing to a satisfactory world of social I have ever found. I visited Decentraland on my desktop the other day, as a guest, for the first time. My preference is not for Zuckerberg’s metaverse, and my hope is that Dorsey champions the thing he built for the world, the thing he planned to make a reality.

Facebook is the social media where I perform best of all. I even have brought my dad’s business on it, in the shape of a business page.

There have been a number of mistakes in Twitter offices, and I was horrified to learn that Twitter delayed the publication of news stories about Hunter Biden’s troubles during Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Musk seems completely in agreement that social media should not undermine politics and democracy. In terms of the billionaire class, Musk is most sympathetic to the potential inherent in humanity which is our just reward for our sacrifices.